The Cryptic Strays entry 2

For the second piece in my thesis, I have chosen another work from the Dream Assignment, July Contact Period, July 2019. This piece is inspired by a story told to me by a friend of mine for over thirty years.

When my Father was a very young pre-teen, his Mother, my Grandmother had some kind of accident or fall in which she needed the use of a wheelchair. My best the chair was made in the 1930's or 1940's. My Father and his siblings would sleep in the same bed when they were very little. When the day was over, the wheelchair was placed in the bedroom with the kids. I guess one of the kids woke my Grandfather up screaming in the late hours of the night. According to the child, there was an old glowing old lady sitting in the chair. My Father said that was there, and the just she slowly faded away. All the children saw the figure and ran to the safety of their parent's bedroom. That next day the family took the wheelchair back to the hospital. At the hospital, they inquired if the wheelchair had a previous owner. They were told that an elderly woman had owned the chair and had used it every day for several years until she passed, just a few weeks prior to the family purchasing the chair.