Beginning has begun

Beginnings are where you grow up

Beginnings are where you escape to a nurturing environment

Beginnings mold your identity and in some cases form your identity

Beginnings provide so much hope, and you are encouraged to go for it

Beginnings wrap a cocoon around you for you to ultimately emerge into something new


My first steps into beginning this trek have been completed. I am now entrenched in this new world of drawing and creation. It has proven to be a bit more work than I previously believed and I am so happy. The faculty that I have had are among the best in the field. They are legendary instructors and illustrators who have made their marks in the field and continue to push illustration higher and forward. I am honored to be standing in their shadows.

I have drawn more sketches in a week and a half than I ever have before. Looking back this was a fantastic exercise of drawing quick thumbnails… up to 50 per topic is something that I have stared to adopt in my professional life. I don’t think of it as “I have to” but “I get to” draw and draw a lot.

My fellow class mates and the upper classmates are a group of amazing artists. Each have their own visual voice, traveling on individual paths to a common goal, to be better than they were yesterday. They are genuinely welcoming and gracious people and I am proud to be among them.

I am now back home, preparing to work on my first term paper. I have gathered my research and organized my notes. Now to put words to paper.