I have always been fundamentally attracted to line and value and how the variation of one will affect the other. I use a multitude of lines to describe form, to emulate light and shadow. Though I my experiment with other techniques and media, I always come back to this form of drawing. It provides for me a fresh way of viewing the world along with challenges to overcome. From woodcut to scratchboard to pen and ink to engraving, the use of line tells a story. It communicates a feeling between the image and viewer, and when successful, there is nothing more satisfying or magical. 

Clients include Abrams Books, Flutter and Wow Museum Projects, Hallmark Cards, Harley-Davidson, IAMS, Museums of Historic Hopkinsville, Children’s Center For the Visually Impaired, The Barstow School among others.

Partial list of Shows and awards:

  • Spectrum Fantastic Art 26

  • American Illustration Annual online gallery 38 and 37

  • Infected by Art

  • Creative Quarterly 100 Best winner 2017

  • Silver Medal Society of Illustrators West #56

  • Society of Illustrators West 57,

  • Creative Quarterly 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 49-50, 48, 47, 45-46, 42

  • Creative Quarterly 100 Best winner 2016

  • 3x3 Illustration Annual #13; Honorable Mention

  • 3X3 Illustration Annual #11; Two merit awards;

  • Artist Magazine’s Best of Show #23 finalist for Figure Drawing.